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Breeder Chicken

CJ Indonesia is convinced that being only an animal feeds producer holds no significant value or importance in Indonesia. To launch the business on a full scale, the company must also systematically embark upon feeds distribution, process and poultry farming.

Therefore, CJ Indonesia ventured into raising chickens for breeding purpose in a breeding farm called SUJA (super chicks ) SUJA breeds healthy chicks to supply them to various chicken farms, and it can breed up to 20 milion chicks annualy. In order to raise both the breeder and consumption types of chicks from the highest quality hens, the company carefully monitors their activities from incubation, birth to distribution.

In the near future, combined with an increased consumption of chickens in Indonesia, the company will expand into all aspects of poultry farming, processing , and distribution to establish a fully integrated animal feeds business future.

Strict quality control for reliable end product.

Use of state-of-the-art hatching machine to support excellent hatchability.

DOC product is distributed to local market to make available healthy and super chicks for breeders and poultry shops throughout Indonesia.