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PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia

Pasuruan Factory - East Java
PT. Cheil Jedang Indonesia the first CJ Group`s investment in Indonesia has demonstrated itself as one of the biggest producer of Lysine, MSG and L-Threonine in the world.

Located in Pasuruan, East Java, the area`s abundant natural resources and good infrastructure add to the growing succes of PT. Cheil Jedang Indonesia, with four times lysine production capacity expansion ended in 1995 and 1998.

Currently, PT.CJI manages amassive manufacturing complex, armed with latest technology practices and the most skillful resources.


PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia

Jombang Factory - East Java
Located in Jombang of East Jawa region, PT.CJI is the second largest manufacturer of nucleic acid in the world. Nucleic acids have put Cheil Jedang on the globe, and its manufacturing technology has been further refined and developed in PT.CJI.

The plant is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated facilities and hopes to add amino acid, a promising product for the future, to its product portfolio. Thus, in the near future, it will become CJ Indonesia’s second amino acids complex, following PT.CJI in Pasuruan.