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PT Cheil Jedang Superfeed

Serang - Banten
Signifikan animal protein consumption for Indonesia people which mainly comes from poultry such as meat and egg initiates the growth of commercial production of both poultry boilers and layer. in line with the rapid growth of poultry industry, the feed industry has also been growing very quickly. Confidence with the future of this industry, CJ Indonesia established PT. Cheil Jedang Superfeed in Pasuruan (May, 1995) and Serang (June 1997) Using "Superfeed" as main brand name, PT.Cheil Jedang Superfeed produces and market various type of feed, focus mainly on poultry feed by enforcing strict quality control system to manage the entire process.

By announcing the slogan "Unggul dalam teknologi" (Leading in Technology) as well as deliver excellent sevice, the "Superfeed" is ranked as high end product with hight quality in Indonesia poultry industry. Finally, the establishment of PT.Cheil Jedang Superfeed is part of Indonesia's expansion path to be a leading integrated poultry business company in Indonesia poultry industry.