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Super Unggas Jaya

Ngembal - East Java
Answering to the growing demands of healthy, high quality chicks in Indonesia, CJ Indonesia not only produces poultry feeds, but also embarks on chicken breeding business by establishing PT. Super Unggas Jaya (PT.SUJA), located in Tutur, East Java. PT. SUJA breeders up to 20 milion top of the line chicks, branded as "Super Chicks", every year and concentrates on the high performance of all aspects of the breeding process, from incubation to birth to distribution. These chicks, from incubation to birth to distribution. These chicks, come from the best hens, are demanded by various poultry farms all over the country either for consumption or for egg production purposes.

In 1997, CJ Indonesia venture into the chicken breeding business in response to the growing demands for healthy, hight quality chick. CJ Indonesia established it's first breeding farm and hatchery with a production cpacity of 20 milion day old chick per year in Ngembal, Tutur East Java, under the company name PT. Super Unggas jaya concentrating on high performance with all aspects of the breeding operations, PT. Super Unggas Jaya branded its product as "Superchicks". As the demand for its high quality chicks grew in the major poultry producing areas arround the country, PT.Super Unggas Jaya Embark on a systematic expansion in 1999 and has, to his writing, established nine other poultry breeding operation in East Java. West Java, and East Kalimantan with a total production capacity 54 milion day old chicks per year eventualy, CJ Indonesia envisions its expansion in all aspects of the poultry breeding, and Poultry meat processing.